Hi there, long time no speak.

I bet you’re probably wondering where I have been and what I have been up to. Well chil’ren, I have been trying to make it out of school alive. Between being in school, working, being part of the dance team, attempting to have a social life, being sucked into petty, high school drama, and trying to silently take over the world; you can say that I have been quite the busy bee.

I am not totally sure you know the half of what my life has been like this second semester. For some odd reason I thought, “hey, since I conquered first semester without any issues, then second semester should be a breeze!” I have never been so wrong in my life. I wish I had a Go-Pro attached to my forehead so you all could see the madness I endured/witnessed. Just know that when I decide to get hitched and have kids I’ll have stories for days (just like my dad does, and honestly, this man has had quite the life). HOWEVER, if there are a couple of things I learned this semester this is it:

  1. It is completely okay to cry. One week my friends and I have just been through it. It was around the end of the semester and we just needed to get our lives together. It seemed as if everything, literally, was falling apart. We all were so worried about our grades, each other, next semester, our families, so much was happening that I am pretty sure all of us cried that week. And it was okay, sometimes it just feels good to cry (but I give myself about 3 days, if that, to have a pity party then I get over it).
  2. Not everyone is your dog/dawg. Trust me, I learned the hard way that not everyone is your homie, your rolldawg, your dog… Nah, none of that. I learned that it’s a doggie dog world and every one is out here for themselves, being greedy, and stealing all the bones. Not every one is your dawg, some people are just a DOG.
  3. People are temporary. Period. Puts generic, but true, quote: “People come into your life for a reason or a season.”
  4. Ignore rumors. LOL. Literally, anytime you hear a rumor just laugh it off and keep it pushing. 9 times out of 10 the rumor is fake, it’s told by a hater, and it is not worth your energy. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard rumors about my friends and I. Quite frankly, it is childish. I would assume since everyone considers themselves grown in college that people would carry themselves as such, but that was too much assuming on my end (or maybe because my school is so small people have nothing else to do but mind other people’s business).
  5. Worry about yourself. I am not going to say it again, there is no explanation needed; just do it.
  6. School comes first. It is so easy to be worried about all the wrong things: boys/girls (whichever your preference… no judgement from me), partying, “slaying,” smoking, drinking and everything else under the sun. Remember why you came to school in the first place, remember all the thousands of dollars you are putting towards your education, and remember the goals you set for yourself when you first begun. Please don’t waste your own time.

Although, these are kinda like “woah, this chick must not have any kind of fun while she’s in school,” I did. I have a lot of fun in school, but it is so easy to have a lot of fun and not stay focused.

You can’t get lost in the sauce.

This is just to get you caught up with Khaliyah. I’ve got more in store for you! More posts coming soon.

How did your semester go? What have you been up to? Let me know below.