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Touring with TeamBz

We imagine a world where more people committed themselves to live beyond what society considers success. A world where people pour out of themselves into the lives of others to help, to heal, to love. Your donation will assist us in our goal to share seeds of goodness and plant hope, throughout America. We plan […]

After Shower Then What?

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You know Teambz has some of the craziest questions. This week’s question is nothing less than a doozie. You know how we do it. We also have a very important announcement from RichBz.

Donate to Nationals

We need your help!  K-Swizzle is an aspiring entertainer and with her school team, “The Bull City Lights”, they have won the district and state competitions for show choir.  They are going to Show Choir America on March 31st to compete in the National Competition.  We want to make sure she gets there and we are asking […]