We need your help!  K-Swizzle is an aspiring entertainer and with her school team, “The Bull City Lights”, they have won the district and state competitions for show choir.  They are going to Show Choir America on March 31st to compete in the National Competition.  We want to make sure she gets there and we are asking for your help to do it.

We have a goal of $1000 to get her there.  We have already hit $350 and need to secure the balance as soon as possible.  Please go to the form below to donate right now.

K-Swizzle said when you donate she will send pictures while on the trip just for you to keep up with how they are doing and the fun she will have while striving to bring the national championship to North Carolina.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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UPDATE:  We have changed the total we are looking to be funded do to an offline donation.  You too can give an offline donation but we would love to see the green bar get fully funded.

Thanks for you help!