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Today was a challenge but also fun. Bags on our heads, bags on our heads… Lookin’ like some fools with the bags on our heads.

My Favorite US Vegan Breakfast Foods with Costa Rican Coffee:

[Solved] The major challenge of growing your business while traveling abroad

Hey all this is going to be a really quick post. Just know I’m not going to give you a challenge without giving you a solution. Here we go.<!—more—> Challenge: Communication is the key, the glue, the agreement maker for two party to conduct and remain in business. But the real question is how you […]

Planning for 2017

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Success comes from planning, so today we want to help you with a couple tips to help you and your family plan.  We hope this episode helps.  Leave us your comments below about your thoughts on this episode, we look forward to reading them. Music by Rich Barber of DynamikWorks

#20 – The Ultimate Bucket List

Episode 20 – The Ultimate Bucket List The title speaks for itself…unless you don’t know what a bucket list is.  If you don’t know what it is then you definitely don’t wanna miss this episode.  

#6 – Family Party’s and Food: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Episode 6 – Family Party’s and Food: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask We have two topics today, but we break ’em down. Family Health and Wellness somethings you may want to do with your family to be heathier Trying new things On location going through healthy options at a college cafeteria with LoveKhaliyah Family Party’s: […]