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Hairy Holiday Potluck

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Tis’ the season for office and school potlucks. This week we are giving a couple tips and tricks to help everyone. Also, we are letting you know what to look out for when attending a potluck. On this episode listener discretion is advised if you have a weak stomach. (You have been warned!) If you […]


Vote TeamBz for Cancun CEO

TeamBz was selected for the top 100 out of 6000 to proceed to Round Two of the Cancun.com CEOSearch. TeamBz invites you to visit Durham, NC where you can experience great history, acclaimed universities, eclectic food, and awesome people.

Boiling Bananas with Bz

Green Banana Boiled in Skin

Khadijah RBz prepares break-fast for the fam consisting of green bananas. Take a peek at how she prepared the meal.

TeamBz Live Q/A

Q/A Youtube Live Show Times Flyer

Live stream begins on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017 at 7:15 EST. We will be answering your questions. ┬áMake sure you share with others who may have talked about leaving the US or those who have a family but think it’s not possible. We know you have questions, so we ask that you submit your questions […]

12 Day Fast – Day 8 – A New Beginning

12 Day Fast - Day 8 with digital 10 am.

Sleep is feeling really good now. I was able to sleep till 10 am. What a wonderful thing to be able to sleep in! I have never really been able to sleep in past 7:30 am. I don’t know why but every since I was young I have always woke up early. This is new […]