Sleep is feeling really good now. I was able to sleep till 10 am. What a wonderful thing to be able to sleep in! I have never really been able to sleep in past 7:30 am. I don’t know why but every since I was young I have always woke up early. This is new to me. 

Day 8 – Aug 28th 2016

I realized I had an appointment this morning but was still able to make it after drinking my blender bottle full of water and my wife making us a smoothie. I don’t feel weak any more. Also, I was able to have a bowel movement last night before bed and today.

I have realized through this week food is all around you. Let me explain, it is marketed to you in a way that food was never meant to be. It has also been changed in ways it was never meant to be changed to for the result of getting more people to spend money with those companies. I was already a gluten free vegan, but now I don’t think there is a name for what I will be once I return to eating food.

Will we cook food? Yes. Will we eat raw food? Yes. Will we eat some foods not on the electric foods list? Maybe, in small quantities.

I think some people may think we will now be “picky eaters.” We were already selective eaters, but now I don’t know if we will go out to eat at all. We have already slowed down doing that over the last year and a half while making the transition to being fully vegan but now it seems like I don’t want it if it’s not real food.

Real Food

Let’s talk about “real food” for a moment. Real food is not genetically modified. Real food has seeds that reproduce it’s own kind. Real food doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. Real food doesn’t have a face. Real food grows from the ground. Real food you don’t have to go underground to find. It come out to you, the way it was intended. Don’t get mad at me for telling you the truth. I love you so I tell you the truth.

Please understand with the last week’s posts I am only informing you of the journey my wife and I have set off on. This is not intended to say you need to do what we are doing or our way is better than your way. I am saying there is another way to eat that will change your body in a way to become healthier than you already are, resistant to certain diseases, and live a life free from pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals. Not to mention genetically modified food that no one knows what it is doing to you and your kids that you will not know the effect of until it’s too late. Don’t be a test rat for the food industry.

Ok moving on…

Temptation Once Again

At my appointment today wouldn’t you know it, they had food. Not any food but foods that I used to LOVE!!! Meatloaf, Chessy Mac (they even had gluten and dairy free version), kale salad, and slushee. Temptation was in full effect.

My need to be a finisher and not eat the kale salad which was something I could eat if I wasn’t fasting kicked in. Really, even though it all smelled and looked good I really didn’t want it, I am focused. I will reach the goal of the vow I have made unless God tells me well done sooner than that.

Side effect of fasting and a whole food plant based diet equals loss of fat.

Oh yeah – weight is still dropping daily. Down another pound.

Early evening I was able to get in an abbreviated workout using the elastic bands. I was pretty good because I was able to work almost every muscle group using the same form of the weighted exercises I do in the gym only with elastic bands.

I’m almost there, I can see the finish line. I will have done what I thought was impossible to myself. I am the controller of my body.