please just worry about yourself.

i know a lot of people say that but how many people actually do it? why is it that people are always so concerned about what people (that have no relation to them) are doing? in my opinion, if someone does not mean anything to you — if they aren’t your friend/family, or even close associate — then why should you care about anything they have to say? or even their opinion about you?

their opinion should be of no importance to you

my best friend tells me all time when i get up in arms about anything, “when you know what you have then you don’t have to prove to anyone that you have it.” and he’s totally right, i tweeted this in novemeber and i pinned it to my profile because i always need a reminder that i don’t have to prove anything to anyone or worry about anyone other than myself.

sometimes it’s a hard task to not worry about what anyone else has to say about something, i struggle with this all the time, but once you reach a point where what you’re doing makes you happy then what someone else has to say is invalid because you are happy.

never let someone else judge your happiness. never let your happiness fall second to someone else’s opinion.

life is less stressful

when you’re not always caught up in someone else’s issues, drama, or problems you find yourself being at peace because you never have to watch your back or worry about anyone “coming for you” because you minded your business.

what i ask myself: will this benefit me in any way? am i just bored? do i want attention? is there a purpose for me to add myself to this situation?

if the situation does not involve you in any way… KEEP IT PUSHING! let’s create a life with less stress by avoiding the self-brought issues in 2017. drop the “friends” who are creating negative environments with this post. do what’s best for you with this post, and worry about yourself.

2016 was the year for universal L’s for everyone, now 2017 is the “bounce back” year. bounce back from all the L’s you took last year and create a better life for yourself, but to do that you have to WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF.

do you have any advice to help others with worrying about themselves? how do you make sure you worry about yourself?