Day 9 – Aug 29, 2016
Last night I watched a video on YouTube about a vegan strongman that fasted 23 hours, everyday, for the last 15 years and he says it increases the human growth hormone when you fast daily and eat one full healthy meal. I was very interested because he was ripped. 

I guess now your asking yourself is he gonna do that too? The answer is no!!!

I like to eat. This was the first time I have fasted this way, this long. It is yielding some great results but as I have said previously I am a little guy to begin with, so my goal with this fast was not to loose weight. It is more so spiritual for me. But because fasting can be good for you, especially when trying to see gains in your physical body it’s a win, win.

I don’t know what this fast will produce in my life, but I cannot wait to see. Only time will tell, but my expectation and clearer thought are heightened.

Good morning all, lets start the day. Back at it. Monday morning!


Today I thought a lot about food. Don’t know why but it was constantly on my mind. Also, I ended up breaking the glass jar my smoothie was in. Which was my lunch! I was so confused and frustrated in that moment. But it didn’t stress me out. Day kept moving.

I made it to the gym. The first day I wanted to go back. Tried to start off light which I used 20 pound dumbbells for each exercise we did. I thought I wasn’t going to have enough energy to work out. Surprisingly I did.

We were able to complete multiple sets of overhead presses, dumbbell curls, dumbbell rows, tricep kickbacks, squats, lunges, kneeling cable pull-downs. Followed by a brisk walk and still had energy.

I believe there is something to this fasting and working out with juicing and smoothies, no food. Uhm…

Remember: if this sounds like something you want to try, comment below. If you have questions or concerns about the fast you are going through you can comment below or hit me or Khadijahrbz up on Twitter and FaceBook.  @richbz on twitter @richbz on fb

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