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12 Day Fast – DAY 12 – Hard Truth

12 Day Fast - Day 12 - Hard Truth - Me at the Gym

Day 12 – Sept. 1, 2016 Today has been a hard day. Not in terms of eating or being hungry. Not dealing with my weight or any other physical issue, but with my realization of my life. 

12 Day Fast – Day 11 – The Calm

Hands making heart with sunset in the background

Day 11 – Aug. 31, 2016 Coming close to the end of this fast and I feel calm. I feel I’m able to be really still and able to focus. It is a new found clarity I feel is taking place.

12 Day Fast – Day 10

12 Day Fast - Day 10 - The Scale

Day 10 – Aug 30, 2016 Woke up with bad breath. What the heck is this about. I don’t know why I had morning breath. As far as I know I have never had morning breath this bad. But anyway,

12 Day Fast – Day 9

12 Day Fast Day 9 with a blurred pic of me in the mirror.

Day 9 – Aug 29, 2016 Last night I watched a video on YouTube about a vegan strongman that fasted 23 hours, everyday, for the last 15 years and he says it increases the human growth hormone when you fast daily and eat one full healthy meal. I was very interested because he was ripped. 

12 Day Fast – Day 8 – A New Beginning

12 Day Fast - Day 8 with digital 10 am.

Sleep is feeling really good now. I was able to sleep till 10 am. What a wonderful thing to be able to sleep in! I have never really been able to sleep in past 7:30 am. I don’t know why but every since I was young I have always woke up early. This is new […]

12 Day Fast – Day 7 – It’s all a test!

Buffet of Food

Why today am I getting tested.  Woke up flowing with the day, then comes another trip to the worst place ever when FASTING!

12 Day Fast – Day 6

Looking at people eating food.

A real quick update.  Caution: if you are squeamish skip reading day 6.

12 Day Fast – Day 5 – I’m dying over here!

richbz passed out with yellow rope out line

Oh boy, I am not feeling this.  The challenge is on!  This is the longest I have ever been without actually eating food.  I am starting to feel some kinda way.

12 Day Fast – Day 4

Picture of Sea Moss on a Plate

Hopefully, you have read days 1-3 to understand how we got here, but if you haven’t go back to Day 1. I will be here when you get back trying to drink this sea moss. lol

12 Day Fast – Day 2 – 3

Welcome back! As you can see I’m including day 2 and 3 in this post, I am also dropping weight like a brick. You may ask how is that happening so fast? Keep reading and you will understand.