Why today am I getting tested.  Woke up flowing with the day, then comes another trip to the worst place ever when FASTING!

Day 7 – Aug 27, 2016

Another day I could sleep in late.  Understand when I say I’m sleeping in late that’s about 8 – 8:30 am.  Our usual day starts at waking up at 5:30 am by our alarms getting out of the bed by 6 am and being out of the house by 7 am, so 8 am just to be waking up is a great thing.  Blender bottle of water, the first drink of the day, before I get fully out of bed.  One half a bottle of Kombucha mid-morning and a smoothie at lunch.

I’m starting to get into a rhythm now.

Had to stop by the Super Wal-Mart and immediately before walking in the door I smelled the ready to eat foods on the grocery side.  It was definitely something I hadn’t ate in a while, FRIED SHRIMP!  WOW it smelled super good  but I am on a mission.

Keep going Richbz, keep going!

Went to a birthday party and they had fried chicken, salad, birthday cake, potato salad, etc.  People now know we don’t eat like everyone so they said they hope it is something they have we can eat.  We advised, we were good but did not say anything about we were fasting.

This is something I don’t go trying to tell everyone or explain to anybody why.  This is something between God, myself, and my wife because this is not only a physical change we are going through but a whole life change, “mind, body, and soul.”  So in that we keep it to ourself and let the results of our change come out in the way we live.

My kids fixed there own dinner tonight and boy oh boy!!!! It smelled so good and I was about to go into a fit. My mouth started watering, stomach started to growl, as if it thinks it is about to get food. Not today body, 5 more days! I’m sticking to it.

Richbz out!