There are so many choices when it comes to health, who knows what is best? Many say that doctors know it all while others state they are not as knowledgeable as they proclaim, some say that nature is the way to go, yet there are plenty others who think nutrition has no affect. Regardless of where you fall the important thing is to know what your options are in order to make informed decisions about your health. Unfortunately, we are not advised of the alternatives that are available and make choices with limited (and sometimes incorrect) information.

We are here to share information in an effort to help you BE WHOLE – mind, body and spirit. This blog is here to provide you with tips to make the journey of health, happiness and healing a tad bit easier. I am here to share light, encourage laughter and BE LOVE.

With that said, it is our desire to provide information and resources that will contribute to you making balanced decisions.

These posts are available because — We Help Others Live Empowered!

In love,

Khadijah RBz