Day 11 – Aug. 31, 2016
Coming close to the end of this fast and I feel calm. I feel I’m able to be really still and able to focus. It is a new found clarity I feel is taking place. It seems hard to put into words this morning but I can tell there is a shift in my inner self that is calming. It makes me think of heart rate. I have an Apple Watch that constantly checks heart rate every 10 seconds. I wonder if my heart rate average has changed.

Lets take a look.

Based on what I can tell, my heart rate has been pretty consistent from before and during. At least that’s what I thought when I first looked at the information in my health app it, but after looking a little deeper at the data, my resting heart rate seems to just depend. It is at the lowest point 47 – 58 bpm and the day before I started fasting it reached 180 bpm.

Richbz Ripped on a BenchI am dropping weight at a rate of almost a pound-a-day. This is crazy, however I am looking really ripped, especially after working out (which I didn’t do today). I guess, and this is just a guess, because I have been working out pretty consistently my body is still in a fat burning mode and not a starvation mode. To me this would explain the continuous drop in weight and not loosing muscle mass.

Enough with the assumptions. (Check out the podcast we did talking about assumptions.) I will drink my smoothie and hit the bed. But first prayer and meditation time.

Trust me when I say this has been a challenging but enlightening time. A lot of the posts over this past 11 day have been reletively short. However, that is because I am really trying to give you guys the jest of the days and what I am encountering. I am in no way trying to give you all a boring blow by blow. I want you to know this is something everyone should do at least once to show yourself, one, that you can do it. Two, your body will thank you for it. And finally three, this can help you move into a healthier lifestyle of not only eating but a way of knowledge and understanding in your body.