Day 10 – Aug 30, 2016
Woke up with bad breath. What the heck is this about. I don’t know why I had morning breath. As far as I know I have never had morning breath this bad. But anyway, I have been having a challenging day. Not only with the food aspect of it, I think I maybe well passed that part. It’s mental, based on work and not being able to take a break and eat. I think everyone knows eating can take your mind off of a lot of things.

I am happy my wife has been supportive of me in this time of fasting. She has provided the fresh natural juice, electric smoothies, and the colon cleanings drinks. She has been the real MVP.

I know what you want to know at this point, am I still loosing weight? The answer to that question is yes. (What the heck!!!)

The weight loss seems to be slowing down but when I get back to my house today I will get on the dreaded, lying, manipulating, scale and let you guys know.

The answer to my previous question is and astounding – Yes – Yes – I am still loosing weight. Lost a half a pound. ¬†Know, this does not make me happy one bit…

Was not able to get to the gym today based on my schedule but ended the night with a smoothie. (A great way to end my day.)

“10 down and 2 more days!!!”

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