Hopefully, you have read days 1-3 to understand how we got here, but if you haven’t go back to Day 1. I will be here when you get back trying to drink this sea moss. lol

Day 4 – Wednesday Aug 24

Khadijah and I went to the World Food Market and picked up some sea moss. Don’t ask me what it is. I will have to research it and get back to you guys on it. I think I will make a post all about it.

We also stopped by a Food Co-op in our area to see what type of electric foods they carried. We saw quite a bit of sea type foods which are definitely electric and I’m not talking about fish or shellfish. However, we picked up a huge bottle of Gingerade Kombucha.

One of the things I have a challenge with is milk. We don’t drink cow milk so we use substitute milks, i.e. rice and almond. I am allergic to tree nuts so I don’t drink almond milk, I drink the rice milk. But rice is not an electric food so I needed to find another milk substitute. After looking it up we found hemp milk.

Hemp milk doesn’t have THC in it, the substance found in marijuana. But for a little 4 quart box (i think that was the size) it was almost $5. So needless to say I looked for other options. Then I found coconut milk. Looked it up and found soft jelly coconuts on the list so I figured this must be something we could use.

I never had coconut milk before and not to mention I never liked the taste of coconut water. But on this journey I’m going all in.

We had an electric smoothie with it before bed and it was great and I was really energized.

Remember, if you have any questions or you have now choosen to start your 12 Day Fast, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.