I want to preface this story, ok not a story but a journal entry with, “I am not a reporter and I am not an English major. This is my journey and my truth, so take it how you want to take it but this is how it all happened:

Day 1 – Sunday Aug 21

I am really nervous about this 12 day journey. I am happy my wife, Khadijah, plans to make this journey with me.

On last Thursday or Friday we had a conversation talking about going grocery shopping and buying “electric foods” going forward. I said to her that I think I wanna go on a twelve day fast. She said she was already planning on going on one herself starting Sunday. I was taken aback because what is the chances that I would say I wanted to go on a fast. So I don’t think this fast was a coincidence. We decided together we were going to do it.

If you are here, reading this, you already know we have three kids. Trying to fast with kids can be a challenge. You have to still feed them and have food for them. So we went shopping.

We choose to buy majority electric foods that the kids will begin to eat more of but still be foods we can juice while on the fast.

Sunday rolled around and we started by only drinking water.

Let’s talk about this water.

Based on what Khadijah has been advising us to drink, we had purchased distilled water. Dr. Sebi (a natural healer and the advocate for eating electric foods to have an Alkaline body environment to cure all forms of disease) says to drink spring water which I didn’t realize until watching some of his teachings online. But we wanted to finish the distilled water because it’s not that its bad for you it’s just neutral on the PH scale when it comes to Alkalinity.

Image of PH Scale
PH Scale

Yes there is a scale for that if you didn’t know.

At this point on the first day I am still not hungry. I feel really good.

Good night! On to day two…