Welcome back!

As you can see I’m including day 2 and 3 in this post, I am also dropping weight like a brick. You may ask how is that happening so fast? Keep reading and you will understand.

I wanna beleive that at some point in these next 11 days you may want to join me through this process. It could be wishful thinking but maybe my experience you are sharing with me through my journal is beginning to spark something in you that will make you want to see results and bring your biggest challenge under subjection, YOU!

Now lets get back to the fast.

Day 2 – Monday Aug 22

Water Water Water

Still drinking water. Not hungry. This is pretty good. Not even thinking about food. Maybe because I have a gang of work to get done, so I’ll keep sipping on my water. I heard day three is the hardest to get through. We will see. I’m taking one day at a time.

Day 3 – Tuesday Aug 23

Finally Day 3

Turned out well. Not to much to talk about majority of the day.
One of my concerns at this time is loosing the muscle mass I have acquired in the last year and a half working out and becoming vegan. Usually those two words don’t go together – muscle mass and vegan. However, I have sculpted some pretty good muscle and definition.

Richbz in the mirror trying to flex at the gym
Trying to flex.

With that being said, I wanted to check my weight because I noticed during the last couple of days my clothes have been becoming loose. I jumped on the scale – needless to say I have dropped 5 pounds. Looking in the mirror it is not muscle at this point, it is fat.
The areas I have been having the hardest time getting the muscle definition I think I should have has changed – DRAMATICALLY! Ab’s, Lat’s (Love Handles), and Lower back. I am excited for the transition but being I’m already a smaller sized guy (5’6”) I can get really skinny, really fast.
This makes me have to rethink the approach we are taking for this fast. After talking with my wife, we made a decision to add in fruit and veggie shakes at night before bed to add in the nutrients to not loose muscle mass. We also have a Jack Lalane Juicer, we will start to employ electric food juicing in the morning.

Jack Lalane Juicer
Jack Lalane Juicer

We figure the above changes are a great way to keep the fast going but we are able to rebuild the structure of our body cells, especially while our systems are free from any processed and unnatural foods and additives.
The shake was amazing, it really energized me and I was able to sleep really well and sound. Getting good sleep while your body rejuvenates itself during a time of fasting is definitely a needed piece of the puzzle.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this fast in the comments below, as I hope this is helping someone.