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Travel Woes

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When you want to travel but getting there is the problem… Let’s talk about it!   I AM Sweatshirts and T-Shirts TeamBz Merch

Cancun CEO Final Video – AquaWorld – BEHIND THE SCENES

Teambz on Speed Boats in Cancun

Join TeamBz behind the scenes as we gather footage for our final video as #CancunCEOFinalist. We had such a great time at AquaWorld in Cancun and would encourage you to check them out on your next visit.

Would You Rather?

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This week #TeamBz has a lot of questions. And we want to hear your answers down in the comments.  This week it is all about, “Would you rather”.

Does Water Have a Taste?

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Water, the best thing to drink, the best thing for you, and you cannot live without it.  But the real question we are tackling today, does water have a taste?  

TeamBz Live Q/A

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Live stream begins on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017 at 7:15 EST. We will be answering your questions.  Make sure you share with others who may have talked about leaving the US or those who have a family but think it’s not possible. We know you have questions, so we ask that you submit your questions […]

iPhone Drama

Everybody knows I roll hard with apple products, but what happens when your iPhone drops in slow motion?

12 Day Fast – Day 6

Looking at people eating food.

A real quick update.  Caution: if you are squeamish skip reading day 6.

12 Day Fast – Day 2 – 3

Welcome back! As you can see I’m including day 2 and 3 in this post, I am also dropping weight like a brick. You may ask how is that happening so fast? Keep reading and you will understand.