Everybody knows I roll hard with apple products, but what happens when your iPhone drops in slow motion? 

Let’s set the scene. 

While sitting on my bed in my master bedroom I realized I need to go to the bathroom. Well, I was watching a video on my iPad and scrolling Instagram on my iPhone. So, I put my phone on my iPad and grabbed my iPad and headed to the master bathroom. 

Now that I have my iPhone and iPad in my one hand, I leaned over and lifted the toilet seat and the unthinkable happened. My iPhone slid off my iPad and dropped in slow motion. 
Down it went, I tried my best to catch it but it only enhanced the problem. 

I think you guys know what happens when you attempt to catch a falling phone. Usually your hand follows the falling item, catches up with it and then pushes it faster on it’s decline. This is where the screen will normally break, because you have added more force to the fall. 

As you would guess this is what happened to me on this fateful day. But no, my screen did not crack and now you are wondering what happened. Well the unthinkable happened…

I accelerated my phone right into the toilet bowl with a loud plop! 

Immediately, without thinking, I reached my hand right down into the toilet bowl and grabbed my phone lifting it up and shaking it to get the water out and off of it. 

I didn’t know what to think in the moment. I didn’t want to think now I have to get a new phone or my phone screen is cracked and has taken on water. Don’t turn on the screen. If you do it’s over, the screen will short out and it’s an expensive brick. 

There is one thing that came to my mind while I was shaking the water out of the phone.

Hey Richbz, you have the water resistant iPhone 7 Plus. If Apple did it’s job correctly the phone should still work and have no cracks. 

So it is at this moment I clicked the power button on the side to wake it up and it came on. Touched the finger print sensor to unlock the phone and what do you know, it opened and the haptic feedback worked. Played some music and the sound still worked and sounded good. So, as I exhale I realized Apple did their job and disaster was averted. 

If you have ever dropped your phone or had it fall in water, I wanna hear your story in the comments below.