Day 12 – Sept. 1, 2016

Today has been a hard day. Not in terms of eating or being hungry. Not dealing with my weight or any other physical issue, but with my realization of my life. 

This was one of the things I have been fasting about and it seems that each day this issue becomes a little bit harder to deal with. I am of the understanding that when you are wanting to change a situation you have to do something drastically different to change it. There in lies one of my reasons for this fast.

As you know, if you have been following my blog, this is the last day. All things change today. Issues that I had yesterday will not go into my tomorrow. I have turned a corner in my life to be a new person and the driving forces that used to drive me before no longer are the driving forces of tomorrow.

Issues that I had yesterday will not go into my tomorrow.

Money, nor fame, nor friends, nor things, do I care about. I have come to the knowledge that it is all about happiness, family, and the generations to come. 

To do that I have to be around for them. Do what I have to do to not please everyone but create great memories, family centric things that enhances the family and directly affects the direction of the future in love and legacy.

I have made a declaration to be healthy for all of the future endeavors God has placed inside me to do. If that means eating electric everyday, not working when it is family time, and not stressing by letting God do what God does and let the chips fall where he wants it to, then so be it!

Here is the thing I am understanding, I have said before:

  • “When are we gonna eat?”
  • “I’m hungry as I don’t know what.”
  • “I feel like I’m gonna die over here!”

Maybe you have said these things also. It was only 3, maybe 4, hours since the last time I had eaten.

Well as of today it has been 12 days and I’m still here. I have energy, almost all fat has left my body, and I am aware. God has been faithful.

That one thing brings me to an understanding that food matters more to everyone than anything else. So, if you pushed the plate away with me and you are still alive makes you realize you shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

You should not have to worry about bills, housing, car, traffic, appointments, clothes, shoes, or even food. God has and always will provide.

As I have been going through this last week and a half it is becoming so much clearer. You don’t have to want for anything outside of love for one another. There is nothing else more important. And when you live your life that way ALL things are accessible to you.

Now we have finished our fast, you may want to start your journey. This blog has been my way to look back and see the progress I have made and have a record that I can say thats when it all changed. I hope this has been an inspiration to you to find out what needs to change in your life and do something different to achieve it. Not for show but for you and God.

You may start off wanting to do it for health reasons or for looks but I pray you do it and begin a closer relationship with Father. May your fast enlighten you and lead you to a deeper understanding of Him and yourself, in the end you will get it all, what He wants from you and what you wanted from Him and more.

Thanks for reading my blog on 12 Days of Fasting, if you have any questions or want to talk through anything I have said over the last 12 days you can post it in the comments. If it is personal or you are just shy, send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – @Richbz

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