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A family business is not for the weak

The whole teambz team looking strong

So you want to start a family business. Seems pretty easy right? Grab an idea that you think can make you money and just get your family to help. That’s what many people think, but have you heard the statistic that says:

Challenges with Learning a New Language

Challenges with Learning a New Language

Oh, you are trying to learn a new language?  Have you ever tried to learn a new language before?  If you are a native English speaker this can be one of hardest things in the world.  Let me explain…

12 Day Fast – DAY 12 – Hard Truth

12 Day Fast - Day 12 - Hard Truth - Me at the Gym

Day 12 – Sept. 1, 2016 Today has been a hard day. Not in terms of eating or being hungry. Not dealing with my weight or any other physical issue, but with my realization of my life.