As parents we have so many things we want to share with our children – lessons, experiences, and wisdom but sometimes the things we share becomes fear that prevents them from growing and boxes that trap them from being their best self. While we often mean well, could we be contributing to negativity, in ways we did not intend… it is food for thought. 

It is easy to project our fears and even shortcomings on our children, which is why we must intentionally, allow our kids to grow and explore beyond our inhibitions. We must purposefully encourage our children to do the things in their heart; whether it is as simple as climbing a tree and although we may be afraid of them falling, being okay with stepping back and praying they will be safe or as challenging as competing in a national competition. Even though as a parent you may be fearful of crowds and speaking in front of people, encourage you child to do so and win or lose, they did a GREAT job. 

Allowing our children to grow into the people they were created to be without projecting our fears, shortcomings, and traumas onto them (which is a totally different conversation) is one of the greatest gifts of LOVE we can share.