We have been living within the land mass of Costa Rica for right at 3 months. To say that this experience has been without frustrations would be an untruth. For me to pretend there have not been moments when we wanted to ‘just go back home’ would be a disservice to myself and my loyal readers. [sn: where is home? we sold everything… where would we go back to?]

But for the times of frustration and the few moments that we wanted to return to what WAS our norm, we have many more occasions that make our decision well worth it. Each day we are actualizing our best selves and that makes this journey priceless on so many levels.

Three skills that I know have been enhanced in me are:


Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Read that definition again, a little slower...

Being patient in an unknown land, with unknown people, who speak a foreign tongue can be frustrating and contribute to one getting angry or upset. However, getting angry or upset is not going to change the situation. In all actuality, it will make it worse. And being that I want others to be patient with me, why not demonstrate the same. If you are planning to live or travel abroad, adorn yourself with patience, it is a great asset.


Openness is essentially a lack of restriction. There are so many beautiful lessons that can be learned, so many wonderful sites to see and countless discoveries you can find about your self when you are open – free of ridiculous restrictions. There is more than one way to peel a carrot and even more ways to live life full. Be open to exploring all the goodness GOD has made available through creation and other cultures – whether it is finding peace in the cool breeze that flows through a screen free window or adjusting to wiping and trashing instead of wiping and flushing. Don’t restrict your life because you are not open to see LIFE for a different perspective. GOD is always speaking and when we are open and in-tune with HOLY SPIRIT we are able to hear clearer and our vision is enhanced. Be sure and pack some openness and put it in all your bags so you can grab it easily on the journey.


Grace, grace, grace! Who doesn’t need courteous goodwill or simple decency and tact?!?! Being gracious and kind is so key. Trust… the same way I may get frustrated because I am not able to fluently speak the language, others get frustrated because they do not understand what it is I am trying to communicate. So in these moments when grace is extended, we both feel at ease. We regroup and, then take it slow. The POWER and BEAUTY of GRACE is wonderful.

While, extending grace to others remember showing yourself grace is necessary. Don’t beat yourself up. Love yourself where you are, with grace, because you are getting better. Never leave home without grace for yourself and others.

As we keep living we will encounter challenges but with patience, openness and grace we can overcome them. Being content and having peace in whatever state we are in, whatever country (the states or otherwise) is a huge factor. And shout-out to our brother Paul for demonstrating this.

Costa Rica has given me many tranquil moments that have allowed me to find and know that inner peace. Where ever I go, what ever I do I know what peace looks and feels like.