Author: Khadijah RBz

What is Your Body Saying?

An important component to health and wellness is the understanding that our body is not a compartmentalized structure. Every system, organ, vessel, bone, ligament, everything… works TOGETHER to make things happen. In western culture we are often taught to see our body parts as being separate and not interconnected in their functionality. For example: the […]

The Beauty of Being Unique

I am grateful that our Creator is not a manufacturer of duplicity, rather originality. It is great to know when putting thought into ALL of creation there were distinctions given to all things. No leaf or snowflake is ever the same, there are different spots on each leopard and the countless variations of the human […]

Let’s Talk Protein

It is interesting the amount of concern people have regarding protein consumption when it comes to plant-based eating. However, when someone is consuming ribs, fried chicken, burgers, pork chops, turkey legs, sausages, bacon… and so on there is little concern about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, heart disease, or cancer. And trust I know […]

Foundational Support

The foundation of any structure (or relationship) is important. In order to build something solid that can withstand adversity and hard times, the foundation MUST be sure. So when considering any lifestyle modification, we must do so with a foundation of solid information. I am very big on research and always in search of: who, […]

Winning with Cedarwood

One (emphasis on ONE) of my favorite essential oils is Cedarwood. The smell takes some getting used to, as it has a woodsy, earthy, type aroma, but the benefits make it worth it. I use Cedarwood every night in my diffuser (about 3 drops) AND rub 1 drop on the bottom of my big toe […]

The Balance of Healthy

So you have made the decision to ‘get healthy’. You have a refrigerator full of fruits and veggies and you have enrolled at a gym – you’re good to go, right? WRONG! Have you taken a moment to write the vision for this journey? What about your thoughts toward the changes you are making – […]

Nitro Boosted

Most often when I work out it is in the evenings, after a long day at work. I am often mentally drained and not interested in putting in additional work. However, I have goals. Life goals. And in order to attain those goals, I have to move this body. I am not into pre workouts […]

Vegan Awareness Month 2016

So today history was made, literally. Mayor Nancy McFarlane of Raleigh, North Carolina issued a Proclamation declaring October 2016 – Vegan Awareness Month. When I saw this I was super excited because there are so many misconceptions about being vegetarian, vegan, and / or plant-based. Prayerfully this will allow information to be disseminated that dispels […]

Get Juicy

Over the last seven days the hubs and I have been juicing and smoothing (my word) daily. We are doing a fast for health and mental clarity, including spiritual growth. During this time we are drinking lots of spring water and having fresh juice in the morning and a smoothie at night. One of our […]

Food Matters

Listen, regardless of what you want to believe, what you ingest matters. What goes into your mouth affects how you think, how you feel, how you function, how you smell, even how you sleep. Although we have not been taught to think this way – food gives life or brings death. Take a moment and […]

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