One (emphasis on ONE) of my favorite essential oils is Cedarwood. The smell takes some getting used to, as it has a woodsy, earthy, type aroma, but the benefits make it worth it.

I use Cedarwood every night in my diffuser (about 3 drops) AND rub 1 drop on the bottom of my big toe and it is lights out! Talk about good sleep. Some nights I just rub the one drop on my big toe, no diffusing, and the sleep benefit is still good.

Another way I use the oil is I add 2 drops of Cedarwood and 2 drops of Grapefruit oil to some coconut oil and rub on my belly. Cedarwood is great for smooth skin and Grapefruit oil is a citrus oil that supports the skin and the body in sooooo many ways (another post ;). Thanks to this regiment (and other little essential oil tricks along with good eating) I have noticed tighter smoother skin in my mid-section.

Lastly, Cedarwood is an oil that is good for mental focus, calming, and balance. Grounding (one of my favorite oil blends) has Cedarwood and it certainly does as it is named – GROUNDS. Any time I need to focus and balance my thoughts / emotions I apply a couple drops to the bottom of my feet, say a prayer, take a couple breaths, and I am good to go. Essential oils have so many great benefits, have you tried any?

I must say that I do have a preference for the oils I use. When researching oils I wanted to ensure they would be 100% pure therapeutic grade and could be used topically, for aromatherapy, and ingested with NO additives. I found Young Living’s oils (and products) to be in alignment with my desires, not to mention they have a business component for those interested. My family and I love the oils and put them to good use DAILY. If you are interested in more information about purchasing the oils, click here.

Get you some Cedarwood and let me know what you think!!