This is a catch 22! Nobody needs space!!! Whenever I hear the words “I need some space” used together it makes me feel some kinda way. Actually pissed! It’s that strong for me and we are gonna talk about why. 

That statement usually never goes well on the other side of after. Meaning after the space is given, usually you find out the person who needed space was seeing someone else long before they ever said the words to you.

Why does it get to me?

I think it gets to me because it is a lie! Flat Out!

Why can’t people just say I’m not interested in you anymore and I have become interested in someone else? This may be for two reasons.

1. You may go off! A lot of people say they want the truth, but when the truth is given to you, you can’t accept it. You feel like you have lost control of the relationship and anytime someone feels they have lost control they tend to go off. This is from personal experience but this is also a whole ‘nother topic. Let’s not go down that rabbit hole just yet.
2. You may start asking too many questions that they don’t wanna answer. The questions that start to come up next are who is it? How long have you been seeing them? Have you had sex with them? Are they better than I am? What do they do for you that I don’t?

I guess what I’m trying to say is the phrase “I need some space” is not a phrase that I have ever thought was positive. I don’t know if I will ever see this statement as a positive.

Some of you reading this may have said this before to someone. Some of you may feel like that can be a positive because it gives you time to look over the relationship and get a sense of if you want to continue … You know, “get your bearings”. I don’t. So if you feel it’s not a bad thing I wanna hear from you in the comments below. If your thought process if something intriguing to me, we may have you on a future episode of Another One Podcast.