Another One is now on iTunes!!! We are so excited to be able to put all of our shows on an on-demand platform like iTunes.

For those that don’t know we have been doing our show live stream through Youtube since July 11, 2015.  As I’m writing this we have just completed episode 22 but we have actually done 25 episodes.

The intent has always been to have a podcast on iTunes, however we love the aspect of being able to do a live stream also. So the way to address both was to do the first step of creating the live show and using all of the archived live shows and turning them into podcasts. The funny part is this show was never created to be a video live stream (even though the way we live stream is through two video platforms).

Here is the plan:

We will be releasing all of the old shows over the next several weeks on iTunes.  After all 22 shows have been loaded on iTunes we will follow the following schedule:

Live shows – Sunday’s at 5PM (est time) on

Podcast – of the same show will be available the following day on iTunes

So if this is your first time hearing one of our shows or you listen live but would like to get our shows directly on your mobile device and cut down on your mobile data usage from streaming the video through Youtube, subscribe now.