A football team has 11 players on the field at any given time. A basketball team has 5 players on the court. A relay team has 4 runners on the track. Currently TeamBz consists of 5 members, so what happens when a member on the team is not bringing their A game or they are not accessible?

Well, what I have found is with any team missing a member the team cannot win a championship. If they do it’s because all of the remaining members step up to the plate and/or over perform to win.

Let’s discuss what “winning” looks like.

Winning looks like whatever you and your team envision is the goal. Have you and your team members meet about what the goal is, what success looks like for your team?

If not, you will want to do that as soon as possible. In our AnotherOne podcast episode – Managing A Family Business – we covered the whole have a meeting so the team knows the goals, what has been done, and what has to be done. All of this is done with the intent to be successful, remember this is not for micro-managing, it to level set and build toward the vision.

So when you have had your meetings set and vision has been casted imagine one of your team members are not there. Now you have a choice if you are going to go over that information again or are you going to leave them out.

Obviously, you don’t want to leave them out. But when they are not there in the mist of the energy in the meeting it will tend to loose something in translation. So if you have a missing team member, depending on the position, meaning if they are on first string or not, it may make more sense to postpone the meeting. OR you may want to bring them in via video conference or conference call, if possible.

The truth is a team is not a team if all members are not there and on their A game. A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

What are some ways you have been able to keep your team strong and productive? Hit the comments below and let us know.