It’s been a while but as world travelers TeamBz has been really going hard trying to get some wind underneath our wings. What does that mean? Well …

We have been at the point we had to make day to day decisions concerning where we would sleep and what we would eat.  So it has been a challenge to really focus on TeamBz “the brand”, we had to focus on TeamBz the family, life, and the business DynamikWorks.

We have met some really great people, reunited with some really great friends, and our awesome FAMILY who have stepped up to help with whatever they could as we keep building our businesses and brand.

Since the Go Give Love initiative we have been living in hotels (Wyndam Hotels, stay on the look out for a post I have coming about this line of hotels) and huge shoutout to the AirBnB app. (Try it out here.) All that to say we were extending a lot of money.

We didn’t realize at the time how much we were spending per day to live this way. So we took a day went over the money spent and brought in over this time and calculated upwards of $5000+ per month is being spent and the exact same is going out.


We realized for us to continue to travel and increase our savings for our businesses and family we would need to get a Home Base.


Home base by definition is as follows:

  1. a place from which operations or activities are carried out; headquarters.

This is exactly what we were looking for! This meant we would need to take a hard look at what our goals dreams and aspirations were and make a decision on the best place to be.  Especially since we could choose anywhere in the world at this point.

List of requirements in no specific order:

  • Quick access to the airport
  • Relatively low living expenses
  • Access to acting opportunities
  • A hub for entertainment
  • Fast internet service
  • Whole Foods within 15 mins
  • Min 3 Bedrooms
  • Min 2 Bathrooms
  • Low Noise

After reviewing the list above, we made another list of areas that could fulfill these requirements.

List of areas in no specific order:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Miami

There are a lot of pro’s and con’s about each of these options, but let’s cut through the list really quickly.

Common pro’s

  • International Airports
  • Access to acting opportunities
  • Entertainment hubs
  • Fast Internet
  • Several Whole Foods
  • 3 bedrooms apartments with 2 bathrooms

Con’s are really easy to go through.  New York: Noisey and cold, Los Angeles: Traffic and Expensive, Miami: Expensive and not as many acting opportunities, Atlanta: Traffic.

Looks like we are off to the ATL.  Atlanta we hope you are ready for TEAMBZ.