If you were to ask me what is the biggest thing that makes an impact in a family business that can take your business from a family hobby to a respected family business is a “Clear Vision.”

You may think well that is a given, yet I would beg to differ.

Most people don’t even understand what vision is. They usually think of vision as your dream. Which is partially true but not in totality.

Understand this is my working definition.

Vision is not only a dream but it is more of a clear direction mixed with your mission or way by which you are going to achieve your dream that is bigger than you. The vision has to be clear enough that you can take yourself out of the equation and someone else can pick it up and still reach the goal. So by that definition it is partially a plan not just the end goal.

There are a number of great people in this world now and times past that people have called great visionaries. Like Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and this list can go on but I think you may get what I am saying.

This great men have had a vision so big with the plan to implement that which they envisioned that people are still working their vision and plan out even to this day, years after their death.

How to make this your story

So a vision usually starts with a problem that needs solving or a desire you have in your mind but most of the time it is realized subconsciously.

The easiest way to access this is through sleep after being awake longer than normal. Either right before you fall asleep or right before your conscious mind kicks in when you wake up.

Now please understand this is the way I have found that works but there are a couple of other ways like meditation, psychoactive drugs, some may use alcohol ( however the problem with alcohol is in the morning you may not remember the dream lol ).

The whole jest is getting your conscious mind out of the way to think outside of the box. Once I have been able to access that part the rest of the vision keeps coming in my experience. You may not, better yet, probably won’t get it all the first time. But, it will unfold to you over time.

Now what?

Now that you have the end goal and maybe some of the steps that doesn’t mean you go run and tell the world. It doesn’t even mean you go and run to your family or team and share it just yet. You have to make it clear for everyone else, and this is the challenge!

But you can do it!

This vision needs to laid out in a way that can roll out over time. A clear vision for those that are following must be enough that they understand the end or a big enough milestone that they can grasp ( this step is subject to you family or team and there capacity for out of the box thinking )

Let’s say, the goal is to create a small wind farm that will help bring free energy to your community because you have realize the pristine town you once lived in has now been polluted by the gases from energy creation and the rivers and streams polluted by the waste from the nuclear chemicals.

Ok bare with me I came up with that on the fly.

So your team may only need to know that you have an affinity with building really efficient electric motors that maybe one day you hope to patent and sell to Tesla for electric cars. That may get your team moving. But you have a bigger vision than that.

For some teams it may take them knowing we are going to buy and clear some land because we want to create some green areas in our community.

It seems this vision may take more than one team and we can attack the problem from multiple ways simultaneously which also allows you to impact multiple business areas.

This a clear enough vision that can lead multiple teams, impact multiple business areas and roll out over years. You could scale back and only be the team to do one aspect of it. Which is fine if that is your goal. But if you have the vision for it why stop at any one milestone. You will start to hate yourself because you coulda, shoulda kept moving forward on the whole vision which now you start feeling unfulfilled and the team loses interest because you lose interest.

So your vision not only matters for you but your team also because whether you know it or not a lot of people that you haven’t met yet, lives are incomplete or unfulfilled because you either have not stepped out on your vision or you have sunk back from your completed vision, no matter the reason.

RichBz out!