If you were to ask a bunch of creatives who is the best in their field, who would they say?

Most know by now I own my own business, DynamikWorks. We work on projects all the time for clients and must always be at our creative best.

When I speak about being at my creative best what do I mean?  Answer: A free thinking mind.

What does it take to have a free thinking mind?  A healthy body. Real food to eat. Clean water to drink. Rest. Inspiration. Focus. And Understanding.  And last of all a problem.  All of these items work together to make your creativity flourish.

Your brain was created to solve problems.  That’s right we are natural problem solvers but a lot of times we don’t feel like that is true.

Why? We don’t have problems!  Ok, we do have problems but majority of the time we have the ability to pay our way out of our problems. This leads us to a real issue.

How do we use our brains the way they were created?

Don’t run from problems, use your brain to think through the issue, and take inventory of your resources.  Once you have done that, sleep on it.  Usually, once you wake up you will have the first step, “A Creative Thought!”

With that being said, if you ask any creative who is the best in their field they would definitely say themselves because to be the best they would have to think they are and that takes creativity to see something that doesn’t exist.  To be the best is what happens after you have the creative thought because the creative thought is the first step to being your best.