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Social Media Pt 2 – Copy Cat Syndrome

This week we continue from last week talking about social media, however the team is actually really upset with some of the things people are doing on social media. You’re gonna wanna hear this. Let’s GO!!! Sponsor: DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Background Music: Beats Inside Beats Sponsor Music: iRich & DynamikWorks

Social Media – the ins and outs

This week we go over a couple of social media platforms, #Teambz style. So you know there is gonna be at least one rant! Sponsor – DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Music: Background – Beast inside Beats Sponsor Music – iRich

Tattoos – Ink or Nah?

Today, we go deep below the skin into the reasons some get tattoos and the reasons some don’t. Sponsor: DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik. Music: Sponsor – prod. by iRich Intro – prod. by Beast Inside Beats  

Flirting at Work

In this episode of Another One, TeamBz’s LoveKhaliyah takes over the show with a couple guest interviews asking the question: Do men or women flirt more at work? You won’t beleive what happens at some people jobs and how far some people will take it concerning the topic “Flirting in the work place.” Background music: […]


It’s Friday and we are back!  This is a subject that everyone must deal with but I don’t think people think about it this way, so I had to talk about it.  Hopefully, this will give you another way to think about it and a thought process about how to get ahead. Credits: Intro music: “Weed […]

Selling Kids on Ebay on Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day! Our resident mom, Khadijahrbz, is taking over the show.  She is talking to a couple of special guests today about what being a mother is all about.  We hope this episode will help upcoming mothers and new mothers with some tips to being a great Mom. Shelina Dover – One Child Renee McKenzie – […]

Stories from the car – Black Children On Sale

We are back with another episode of Another One – Stories from the car.  This week we talk about the value.  What is the value of your children? What is your value?  Let’s talk about it. Parental Guidance Suggested Brought to you by DynamikWorks – Simple. Clean. Dynamik.

Stories from the Car – Flapping Lips Pt. 1

We are trying something new today.  We have a new series we are entitling, “Stories from the Car”.  This episode is a real life event that took place told by Khadijahrbz.  Let us know if you like stories like this in the comments below.

Resurrection Sunday Show

Happy Resurrection Sunday! As we celebrate our risen living king, we are deciding to not do a live show today. However, tomorrow on iTunes you will get a new show episode. This episode will feature a real life story from Khadijahrbz that you are gonna wanna hear. (No spoilers here) If you are not subscribed […]

Parenting – Your Thought Process

Being a parent these days can be challenging.  But Richbz is here to give you a different way to look at and approach the subject of parenting.  We hope this nugget can help you be successful at it.

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