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#6 – Family Party’s and Food: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Episode 6 – Family Party’s and Food: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask We have two topics today, but we break ’em down. Family Health and Wellness somethings you may want to do with your family to be heathier Trying new things On location going through healthy options at a college cafeteria with LoveKhaliyah Family Party’s: […]

#5 – Back To School

  -Episode 5 – Back to School  Preparation for school Dealing with before school jitters Mobile devices and sleep habits Wearables and Fitness Tracking Devices GOP Debate Plus more – and that is only the first half of the show. Go to to connect with us.

#4 – GMO Snow

Episode 4 – GMO Snow  In the News – Winter Olympics 2022, A hard conversation about, “Under Age Drinking!”  And Drake vs Meek Mills – “The Twitter BEEF” and more. We have some sound issues but we are working to make it better but the content is still good.  This is what happens when you have a live […]

#3 – From Zero to 100% Heated

This episode we go from 0 topics to a HEATED conversation about the Police. You have to listen all the way to the end. The most intense show yet!

#2 – Without the Fun Sponge

This weeks topics: Hashtags, Working Out, Going Vegan, Politics from a 12 yr old, Guns and more.  Not to mention, somebody gets muted!

Now on iTunes

Another One is now on iTunes!!! We are so excited to be able to put all of our shows on an on-demand platform like iTunes. For those that don’t know we have been doing our show live stream through Youtube since July 11, 2015.  As I’m writing this we have just completed episode 22 but […]

#1 – Who Are We?

We are happy to start this new show.  We are excited and nervous.  Meet the team and we hope you keep coming back each week to check us out.  This week: Apple’s Beta Program Electronic Soccer Balls Celebrity News Music Plus a lot more! We are having fun.

I equals we!

Here in the TeamBz house when we say I need to go somewhere it usually means we are all going … it seems as if we roll as one. If you see us we are normally together. It’s not that my kids are not old enough to stay home by themselves – it’s the fact […]