I have heard that the average American consumes 250 lbs of meat a year. That’s about 25 chickens per year per person. For a family of 5 that would be 125 chickens per year or one whole cow per year.

If you think about it one cow consumes ~24 lbs of feed per day. This makes for a lot of resources that need to be grown, farmed, and watered. So raising a calf to be prepared to eat makes for a strain on the earth’s resources just so you can eat the cow which may taste good (when you season it) going down but doesn’t actually benefit the body in the way most people think it does.
I really don’t think Americans really understand or don’t care about what eating meat is doing not only to the environment but also to their body.
Meat (all kinds) has been tied to an increase in cancer, high blood pressure, and problems with digestion. My question is why would you continue to do something that you know is gonna end up killing you?
I am not and don’t want you to think I am acting like I have never eatin meat before. I have for many years, however once I learned what meat can do to my body in a negative way and how stopping can improve my health and overall life expectancy, I was done!!!
Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy. Because mentally I was always told you need protein and if you are around good cooks or you yourself are a good cook it can have a taste unmatched by any other food. At least that is what you have been led to believe and you believe what you are used to.
Eating a meat centered diet connects you with the medical industry. It seems the medial industry is really for acute care. When you have an emergency like a car accident or bodily injury, they can help you get back on your feet. But if you wanna talk health and well being have you noticed one of the first set of questions you are asked when you go to even a regular doctors appointment, what drugs are you taking?
Why is the expectation that everyone is on some type drugs? It’s because they have created a system which tells you something is wrong with you and to make it better you have to take this drug. When you take that drug then you have to tale another drug to circumvent the side effects of the first drug. This continues like a vicious cycle.
Something else I discovered has to do with quality of life. Do you want to thrive, have a great sex life, and a ton of energy motivation to follow your dreams. The first thing you have to do is reduce the amount of stress on your body. Stress is toxic to the body. It will create disease and stress can kill.
Conclusion, if you want to save a life first save your own by changing your diet to incorporate more fruits and veggies. Take out meats. Which will in turn reduce stress on your body. These steps a lone can turn around your wellbeing and in addition save the most important life in the world, YOURS.
Let me know below in the comments if this information makes you wanna learn more about the steps we took to make this change in our family and what it can look like for you and your family.