first let me just say, i am not perfect (obviously) and i am not in any way saying what i do will work for everyone. i am just saying what works for me and how i do those things ? enjoyyyy

so staying fit is honestly super hard year round for some people and i understand why they may feel that way (while i do still workout all year). i think working out in the summer is so much easier and there are so many more options and you have so much more timeeeeee IT’S SUMMER!

so basically 20% of being fit and healthy is exercise. i know what you are probably thinking “that is obviously not accurate. you need to workout all the time.” well not necessarily my friends. so yes you do need to workout and it probably is best if you do it everyday but in the beginning to see results your best option is to change the way you eat.

yes, i am vegan and yes i know you probably don’t want to be vegan because “you have to have your chicken and ribs and bacon” whatever. i am not telling you to stop eating meat at all but, i am saying that it will definitely benefit you if you take a few things out of your diet and add others. for instance removing fried foods and adding more vegetables and fruits or removing processed food and adding more natural things. this may all sound very annoying to you like why would you want to do this but, honestly you will feel and look better within a week guaranteed.

i would suggest simply removing fast food from your diet first because that is where many problems arise. it is always best to make your own food because you know where the ingredients are coming from and how fresh they are (btw fresh is better). if it inconveniences you to not be able to get fast food, always bring snacks with you. this is what i do because i never know for sure exactly when i will get hungry or if i will have access to a place that has food that is good for me.

now, 70% of the job is what you eat. when you change your eating habits you can see results within weeks. plus if you are working out during that time there is no end to what you can do.

the last 10% is in your mind. you need to be able to encourage yourself everyday to not eat the junk food and to workout consistently. believe it or not nothing will change if in your mind you aren’t ready for it. you should mentally prepare for the new journey you are embarking on and face it head on. i would suggest leaving inspirational things everywhere you go (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, car, cellphone, social media etc).

as for me well this is what i do….

i try to workout everyday and if i can’t get to the gym i’ll do a fast paced 15 minute workout at home that burns calories and builds and tones my physique. but, on the weekends i mostly do workouts outside on stairs, trails, playgrounds and tracks.

as for eating it is pretty easy for me. i don’t have access to anything that isn’t vegan or healthy for me. everyone in my immediate family that lives with me is vegan and there are many allergies as well so this has affected my eating in an amazing way. since the food isn’t there for me to eat in the house than it is easier for me to avoid. i eat fruits and veggies regularly while also indulging in lots of gluten free vegan snacks such as popcorn, coffee cake, cookies and bread. so believe it or not even though i don’t eat junk food i can still have it and it still tastes great (just like the real stuff but NOT it is truly amazing). all of the “junk food” in the house is gluten free, vegan and non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms). honestly, i love the way i eat because it is better for me and my body thanks me for it.

one last tip: DRINK WATER. WATER WATER WATER. partially why I look so amazing is because of water. the stuff is amazing. it clears my skin, allows me not to overeat, helps with digestion and helps my hair to grow (which i already have like way too much of).

so if you haven’t learned anything from reading this blog post at least know that you are beautiful just the way you are and the only reason you should change is to make yourself better ?


hellokhaiyah <3