oh. hey. um. i didn’t know you were going to be here. yeah, same. i haven’t seen you in forever either. how’s life? oh, that’s good i guess. alright well nice seeing you again. don’t be a stranger text me later.

we have all been through that super weird and awkward conversations with someone from our past it could be a friend, a girl/boy friend or even an ex-best friend (those are always the worst suspects). when you see these people at first you try to go for the “oh i didn’t see you there” and ignore their presence until they say something to you and if they don’t you are perfectly good with that even happy that they didn’t say something to you because if they had it would have been the most stupidest conversation you have ever had in your entire life. but some people choose to go go for the “talk to you first and leave.” so here you end up seeing someone you used to see like all the time and you are like and can’t ignore them we used to be so close and for whatever reason in your mind you feel like you need to recreate how good your relationship was when you used to ahem have a relationship. so you talk to them first and try to drag out the conversation (isn’t that the worst) and hug with greetings and partings. i personally think these are the worst because you haven’t been trying to talk to me for the last however long we haven’t been talking and now suddenly you want to have some super long conversation with me when i really probably have somewhere to be. no thanks. this next one is the best one yet the “neither one of us want to talk but we’ll head nod and keep it pushing” long title i know but this is great and i do this one all the time. sometimes i don’t even know if they wanted to talk to me but, i generally don’t really care and i’ll just give the old head nod or maybe a wave and a smile and keep going about my business.

now in all this i am not saying that i don’t like talking to anyone i used to know or that i am just some uppity girl that can’t talk to anyone. that is definitely not what i am saying but, i am saying that i would rather not have to go into all the theatrics (even though i love theater) of trying to have some fake happy conversation with you. that is the last thing i want to do. talk to you like i am happy to see you when i don’t even know you anymore. usually for me it depends on what our relationship was like and how it ended or how we grew apart to know how i will treat you when i see you in five years.

i guess you could just say i don’t like playing games and wasting time so if you don’t like me why when i see you in the mall do you want to create some big ole conversation with me like you are my bestfriend?

#notime #rant #nonewfriends #realfriendsoverfakefriends #imstillaniceperson

so i want to know why does it have to be so awkward anyway? why can’t people just do what comes naturally and if that is not speaking at all and just giving a smile why can’t they just do that? why do people feel like they need to fake something for the other person? trust, we will survive without it.

i hope you guys don’t think i am in a bad place or i have experienced this lately but, it just came to mind and i figured this is a good place to rant about it. that’s why you are here reading this right? because you care about my opinion. if not just tell me what you do want to read about or if you don’t want to read lol.