i’m tired of being stagnant.

i’m sick of waiting.

times are changing.

i welcome change like a new best friend.

So, this post marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of *another one* *DJ Khaled voice*. I am only seventeen and that alone is a weird statement. Some would say I’m so young and that I have the rest of my life to… live. But in the same sense many others would argue that everyday I sit at home alone is a day wasted. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I agree with either one of these radical statements. I do think that I have lots of time left (I don’t plan on dying anytime soon) and I also think that sometimes I spend a bit too much time by myself. I’m fine being alone and I’ve learned to enjoy those moments, but I think that the time is now. I can’t trap myself anymore in the this bubble I’ve created. In the past, I believed that I was doing what was best for myself. I thought that staying alone was good. There were many moments when I wanted to go places and meet people, but those moments were short lived because I didn’t think I could be that person. You know. The person that is always going places and meeting new people. The person that stays in one place for two seconds and goes somewhere else because they can’t stand being still for too long.

But. Things are changing in my life. Big things.

I will no longer be living my life the way I’ve lived it for the past seventeen years. I will be embarking on a new journey with my family and this will be nothing like anything I have ever done in my entire life. I’ve only ever lived in one state my entire life. I have never been of the east side of the US and that is just pitiful. There is so much world; so much earth; so many people; so many things; and I’m going to see it all. This not wishful thinking anymore. I am serious. I’m going to see the world. Sooner than you know.

I’m standing on the edge of life. And now. I’m jumping.