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No Blame

“When we blame another, we give our power away because we’re placing the responsibility for our feelings on someone else. People in our lives may behave in ways that trigger uncomfortable responses in us. however, they didn’t get into our…
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Recently, I completed a class on Facebook about hormones and essential oils and wanted to share the information with my awesome readers 🙂 You know how much I love information but even more sharing it, so that WE ALL can…
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On This Mountain…

On this mountain I have affirmed myself, questioned myself and learned to love myself (anew).
On this mountain I have inhaled the newness of life and exhaled the stagnation of unfulfilled living…..

Keeping it Moving

…we do not have access to a gym right across the parking lot, as we did in the states, therefore we have to be very intentional about our workouts.

Eating in Costa Rica

We have made it to Central America and are settled in at our new home. Our house is very secluded, yet surrounded by many cows, lots of birds and an enormous amount of creepers. The nearest SuperMercado is about a 25 minute drive into town and has, for the most part, many ‘American’ treats… Regardless of where you call home, the key is to take what you have access to and make the best of it.

Affirmation Monday with KhadijahRBz

Start your week off with positive and purposeful intent and allow it to carry you through your day, your week, your life… During each hour of the day on Monday (tomorrow), an affirmation will be released for your focused recitation. Take a moment, breathe and say the affirmation aloud. Repeat aloud, as needed throughout the […]

What YOUR Health

The buzz of ‘What the Health’ has been (imo) amazing. So many people have become more aware of the food industry and are endeavoring to make better food choices for their health and the health of their families – and that my friends is GRRRREEEAAATTT! HOWEVER, many people are jumping on the vegan bandwagon without […]

Let the Adventures Begin

Well, the team is packed, loaded and ready for take off. The last week as been action packed. And as I sit in the airport (hours ahead of schedule), I realize how tired and anxious I am. Over the last few days I think we ALL have experienced emotional highs, lows and all the twists […]

The Measure of Success

Who determines what a successful life journey is? Better yet, how do we measure a successful healthstyle? I know, I know, here I go with my questions (lol) in the opening sentence but if you don’t ask you leave room for misunderstanding and assumptions, right? And we don’t need assumptions and misunderstandings in 2017. For […]

Let it Go

How in the world does one go from having closets, dressers, baskets, and shelves to having ONE book bag, ONE carry-on suitcase and a COMMUNAL bag for five people. Well, this is the feat we are undertaking and it is proving to be an arduous task. We have sold, given away and thrown away so […]

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