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No Love – Only Control

I heard once before a great way to look at an aspect of love, Mercy is only mercy when the receiver of the mercy doesn’t deserve it. -unknown As I look out around the world these days I see a lot of fear.  Some scared of others, some scared of themselves, yet others are fearful […]

Another One Podcast Server Down

Hey everyone! We know you have been looking for the shows and they are not showing up on iTunes and Google Play.  We apologize because we have been working frantically to get the server back up and running to bring you more shows.  The past episodes will hopefully be back up and available later today. […]

A Creative Thought

If you were to ask a bunch of creatives who is the best in their field, who would they say?

Scheduling for Success

When you have goals you want to achieve, success starts in your planning and scheduling.


It’s Friday and we are back!  This is a subject that everyone must deal with but I don’t think people think about it this way, so I had to talk about it.  Hopefully, this will give you another way to think about it and a thought process about how to get ahead. Credits: Intro music: “Weed […]

Resurrection Sunday Show

Happy Resurrection Sunday! As we celebrate our risen living king, we are deciding to not do a live show today. However, tomorrow on iTunes you will get a new show episode. This episode will feature a real life story from Khadijahrbz that you are gonna wanna hear. (No spoilers here) If you are not subscribed […]

Parenting – Your Thought Process

Being a parent these days can be challenging.  But Richbz is here to give you a different way to look at and approach the subject of parenting.  We hope this nugget can help you be successful at it.

Donate to Nationals

We need your help!  K-Swizzle is an aspiring entertainer and with her school team, “The Bull City Lights”, they have won the district and state competitions for show choir.  They are going to Show Choir America on March 31st to compete in the National Competition.  We want to make sure she gets there and we are asking […]

Thank You!

We want to thank you for listening over the past 3 weeks to our live show turned podcast.  We took your suggestion and made it available on iTunes and it is going great. We have had a great increase in listeners. Much more than we had listening to the live show on Youtube