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iPhone Drama

Everybody knows I roll hard with apple products, but what happens when your iPhone drops in slow motion?

Challenges with Learning a New Language

Challenges with Learning a New Language

Oh, you are trying to learn a new language?  Have you ever tried to learn a new language before?  If you are a native English speaker this can be one of hardest things in the world.  Let me explain…

Communication and Interjection – A Thinking Man’s Game

Chess board about interjections

When you have a conversation with someone with an opposing view, how do you handle trying to get your point across?

Dealing with Family Emergencies


One of the most challenging things in life is when a family member has a medical emergency and has to be admitted to the hospital.  What do you do? How can you help?

Clean Eating Saves Lives

clothes with cooked meat making the body

When you eat dead things you cannot expect for it to create life in you. Let’s get down to some of my specific thoughts on how we can start to save lives.

Only Argue the Point

Only Argue The Point

I, for one, endeavor to write blog posts that make you think or empower you to be a better you. At times I may write something that may make you laugh. However, laughter sometimes masks pain. With that being said, this post is not funny, but real. We talking arguments.

The Box We Find Ourselves In

Rich In A Box looking frustrated

How do you get out of the box you have found yourself in?When you have made your name known or have become irreplaceable in your area of focus, it is not always true that others put you in a box.  

On Your Mind

Rich Bz in front of a brain

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Have you ever heard this? Ok, what about this, “This is your brain – this is your brain on drugs.”  Do you remember the commercial that came out in the 80’s?  Take a look at the video below.

Everyone Needs Space

Guy looking away from girl in the club

This is a catch 22! Nobody needs space!!! Whenever I hear the words “I need some space” used together it makes me feel some kinda way. Actually pissed! It’s that strong for me and we are gonna talk about why. 

12 Day Fast – DAY 12 – Hard Truth

12 Day Fast - Day 12 - Hard Truth - Me at the Gym

Day 12 – Sept. 1, 2016 Today has been a hard day. Not in terms of eating or being hungry. Not dealing with my weight or any other physical issue, but with my realization of my life.