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We are on our way! Cancun

People, people, people!!! Teambz is on the way to go through the final round of the CEO Search. I’m gonna attempt to blog as we go. Bare with me, this is my first attempt and doing this via my iPhone on the go.


Teambz being interviewed on the news

Surprise, TeamBz popped up on the news in North Carolina 12/11/2017 on WTVD ABC11. We are steadily climbing up to be number one but we need your votes and your support.  You can vote every 24 hours. Check out the full story on ABC11.  Thank you for all of your votes, support, apparel purchases, and […]

Being Real with Myself

Rich thinking on a balcony

My life has radically changed, some aspects are good but others are a little more challenging to deal with and this is what I’m talking about today.

Money in Costa Rica: Dollars or Colones

Costa Rican Colones Picture

When we got off the plane in SJO – Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, I went over to the currency exchange and changed $100 US dollars to colones. I ended up getting ₡ 49463,23

I was like wooo, I’m RICH!!!

[Solved] The major challenge of growing your business while traveling abroad

Hey all this is going to be a really quick post. Just know I’m not going to give you a challenge without giving you a solution. Here we go.<!—more—> Challenge: Communication is the key, the glue, the agreement maker for two party to conduct and remain in business. But the real question is how you […]

Waking up in Costa Rica – First Thoughts

Mountains off the balcony of Casa

Woke up to all kinds of animal sounds I have never heard before, it almost blew my mind. Had to make a quick post about it.

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 3 – Portable Battery Backup

Richbz with the Pocket Juice

Richbz is makes sure you are prepared for travel and keep a fully charged device at all times with this great portable battery backup. 20000mAh for the deal.

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 2 – Travel Laptop Backpack

Richbz with Backpack

On my international travels, I need to be able to carry the following items with security in mind and no I’m not putting them in checked bags. This means I will have to have a really good laptop backpack to carry these items:

RichBz International Travel Item’s Series – Item 1 – Suitcase

Richbz holding a Suitcase

When you are preparing for traveling out of the country there are certain considerations you must account for. This is the first installment in the “RichBz International Travel Item’s Series”.

Bitcoin – WOW!

Bitcoin and motherboard

Most don’t know I have been following bitcoin from the very beginning.  When I first heard about it I felt that it was revolutionary and would change the world, but now…