when people find out that i’m vegan that immediately take in my skinny stature and think that i eat air or something — well, that’s what they tell me, but i don’t. so, i decided to do a post of my favorite snacks that are vegan.


i absolutely love fruit. my favorite kinds of fruit i have noticed (especially living in costa rica) are tropical fruits: like bananas, mangos, pineapples, papayas, etc.. so, while being here i have consumed crazy amounts of tropical fruits. my favorite however is mango, i believe that if i had enough mangoes i could eat them all day and never get tired of em (i think i’ll take that as challenge for a couple of days and only eat mangoes).

sometimes, i like to have tajin (a seasoning) on my mangoes or have them in a smoothie combined with other fruits and vegetables. but nine times out of ten i just like to eat my fruit raw because that’s the best way to get the nutrients.


now, i know avocado counts as a fruit but just hear me out. i eat avocado literally with everything.

avocado toast, guacamole, straight avocado with a lil salt, pepper, and lemon/lime juice; avocado with rice and beans, guacamole on tacos/nachos/or burritos.

about a strong 65 percent of my meals have avocado with it and i have no regrets.

rice cakes

i love me some rice cakes and there are so many ways that you can make some tasty rice cakes.

  • natural peanut butter & jelly
  • natural peanut butter & banana
  • natural peanut butter & cinnamon
  • natural peanut butter & honey (if you’re a vegan that eats honey)

rice cakes can be used as a substitute for bread (in some cases) like guacamole on a rice cake with tomato is absolutely delicious!

these are just a few of the snacks that i like to eat to get me through the day!

what are some of your favorite snacks? comment below!