first of all let me apologize. sorry.

we shouldn’t dwell on the past though because there are bigger and better things in our future. I have so many posts on tap for this summer and so many pictures I’m ready to share with y’all. honestly, I’ve just been very busy. the school year ended for me a couple weeks ago and I have been re-vamping the site and making changes for this “new beginning.” there was so much for me to do at the end of the school year (what with finals and everything). plusssss, I was inducted into the National Honor Society, so claps for that.

now, in the future I will try to post at least three times a week and at most well… seven (which is everyday for those who don’t know how many days are in a week). so if you like my site and you would like to continue on this journey with me, you can now expect consistent posts ? this is the start of something newwwww (HSM reference)