i love Rihanna. i love the color pink. Rihanna pretty in pink…

so we all know and love the amazing music and fashion mogul, Rihanna, but have you ever seen her in this capacity? yes, I know you have (it was a trick question ? ). Rihanna wears pink all the time and I seriously love it because I think that her color is pink officially. That is only for her daily outings though, because we have come to notice that she seriously loves green at her performances (yeah, I don’t get why either) but, she looks good in that too, lol. Both you and I know that she can pull off any color and any outfit because she is just amazing like that but, who knew she could pull off the same color over and over again in different styles? I guess she knew cause she did it and she just keeps on doing it.

here you will see some of my personal favorite outfits that Rihanna has worn where pink is the focus. this is Rihanna pretty in pink….

I love this outfit because who wears a huge sweater to a Christian Dior Runway event and doesn’t look like they just rolled out of bed, Rihanna. how’d you guess? I love this look because of the fact that there is actually a fur sleeve on the other side and the asymmetrical look of this is so daring and unpredictable that it works so well. I also think this makeup look is very natural looking and the hairstyle is so natural it just looks like Rihanna.

I love love love this outfit. fur fur fur everywhere. this outfit is so cute and young it looks like a young girl playing dress up except everything isn’t 5 sizes too big. in fact I think in this case we could even say that the dress was 5 sizes too small, lol. just kidding everything looks amazing and I especially love the socks because I have been wanting some fur socks and this just confirms that I need them (though I might not go so bold ’cause my school isn’t necessarily a runway). not to mention her baby doll makeup goes perfectly with the outfit and her 50’s style tresses look ah-mazing.

wow wow wow. more fur more fur more fur. I love love love love love love love this outfit. everything in this outfit is pink and it is amazing. the pink jumpsuit is so pretty paired with the fur. I think she could’ve even pulled this off without the suit jacket but, I think it adds a professional flair to this fun outfit. not to mention she practically bought her lipstick with this outfit because it matches purrrfectly.

okay i know what you are going to say, “why is this one of your favorites? she is wearing pajamas!” okay first of all anything Rihanna wears is my favorite so chill and these aren’t any old pajamas…. these are first of all silk pajamas and they probably cost like a billion dollars. let me tell you if I bought some billion dollar pajamas I probably would wear them out like everywhere everyday so just be grateful that I don’t have those pajamas. so I am not too excited about the height of the heel because I usually say they should be over a certain height or just go with flats but I think it was okay here. it was okay because she was probably tired couldn’t find a shirt to wear and she just really needed a drink so I am definitely not knocking her style. anyway it wouldn’t even matter if these were pajamas because she looks beautiful.

first let me just say that it is much harder to pull off this shade of pink than the other light pink shades but I think RiRi did it well. plus, this shade of pink goes well with her dark tan skin. I like that she paired this outfit with lace up heel because it works well with the slits in the dress. and can we just…. that long weave is so…. yes …. just no words.

okay I know I’ve said this about every outfit in this series but I love’d this outfit before I even saw any of the others. and can we take a second for the fact that Rihanna can pull off red and pink together. this outfit speaks for itself.

i love Rihanna. i love the color pink. Rihanna pretty in pink… ?