i’m not sure about you all, but i love rihanna. what is not to like about her? she is stylish, adorable, has some great music, and has just enough attitude to keep you on the edge. she inspires me “on the daily.” she literally does not care what is considered “fashion,” she creates her own little category.


from her hair and lipstick to her chunky shoes and oversized clothes she wears whatever makes her comfortable. literally rihanna could have any color hair and work it. she has no shame in wearing a long wig one day and a short one the next. she honestly keeps me on my toes.

here are more of my favorite looks from rihanna within 2015. i absolutely cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for rihanna’s outfits.



her versatility is amazing. her make-up is beautiful; simply chic. she can be elegant, but totally edgy. it’s like you’re getting a billion different people wrapped up into one person.



how can you not love her? tell me you love her. her beauty amazes me. she is my fashion icon. do you have any people who inspire your style choices?