alrightttt, i’ve found all the slaps. seriously this soundtrack is so good and i haven’t even seen the movie yet. i’m in love!

now, i’m not sure if you heard, or seen, but Michael B. Jordan and his fine self is in Creed. all i know is that he’s the son of Apollo Creed and obviously, i think it’s his turn to take over. as i stated before i haven’t seen the movie yet, but i was just on my spotify account and decided to take a listen. long story short, i have no regrets. literally there are so many hittin’ songs on here. a few of my favorites are:

  1. last breath // future
  2. intolerant // white dave
  3. grip // tessa thompson
  4. lord knows ft. tory lanez // meek mill (and y’all know i love me some tory lanez)
  5. don’t waste my time // krept & konan
  6. let you know ft. clif soulo & legendvry // white dave
  7. waiting for my moment // donald glover, jhene aiko, vince staples, ludwig goransson
  8. shed you // tessa thompson, moses sumney

and i guess i might as well just write the entire tracklist. maybe it’s just me, but i could just jam in the car with the bass knockin’ to these songs. i’m going to make an effort to see this movie soon because it has to be good. take a listen for yourself below:

do you like it? what are some of your favorites? have you seen the movie? do you like it?