If you were to ask me if I believe in love my answer would be a strong yes without any hesitations. Your next question would be “why?” and here’s why:

1.God is the author of all things that have to do with Love.

God first loved us so we’re supposed to show love. It really does not matter how we feel… If we feel like being mean that day, if we’re hurting inside, or even if someone did us wrong in the past; we are still supposed to love. Our greatest commandment is to love (John 13:34). So what are we doing with our lives if we’re not living it the way we are supposed to?

2. It’s in our nature.

No matter what anyone says our first instinct is to love. Everyone wants love. I do not care who you think you are; you can be the toughest guy or the most hardcore chick, but you’re still gonna want love. Point blank. End of discussion. No debate about it.

3. I had a great example.


Here are my beautiful parents. They have been married for 16 years (it will be 17 years on the 15th of May) and they have set such a wonderful example of love for me. I could not begin to list all the things that they have taught me that a (romantic) relationship should be. To me my parents make it seem as though they have a magical recipe to make things work. I’m not sure if they are aware, but their relationship set my expectations extremely high. When I come across THAT person that God has chosen for me I hope (and pray) that I can have at least a tenth of what my parents have.

Long story short: I do. I believe in love. So I spread love as much as possible… Even through little acts of kindness to complete strangers. I hope that I can bring a small amount of sunshine to someone because you never know what they could be going through. I hope I can inspire you in any way to be just a bit more in touch with your lovey-dovey side because why not?