my life has been changing right before my eyes. it’s insane actually, but i like to keep my business to myself; however i’ll let you in on a little secret on how i’ve been changing my life.

about a week or so ago i guess you could say that i had some “self realization” happen to me. i don’t really know what brought it on and i don’t really know much about what made me think about it, but all i know is that internally i am in such a better place.

it might be the fact that i am home from college and that i am just feeling good all over again, but life has been grand. and i’m pretty sure our definitions of grand are totally and completely different, but that’s okay. here’s why: i don’t care about you.

now, i know you’re probably thinking “wow, khaliyah. i thought we were friends.” and we are! i just can’t care about what others think, or how they view something. it brings no good to me. i have taken on caring more about what i think of myself and what God thinks of me than to care about you people out here.

God has really been out here blessing me since i have taken on that mindset. in addition to caring about myself, I have grown to become more thankful. and just having more gratitude in itself has become a blessing. i’ve created a “gratitude practice” journal/notebook, whatever you may want to call it, and every night before i go to sleep i thank God for what he’s done for me that day.

usually, i start off with the “little/normal” things like:

today i am thankful for:

  • being able to breathe
  • the use of my hands
  • the mobility of my body
  • my smile

then i go onto things that happened throughout my day (good/bad):

  • the means to put gas in my car
  • spending time with my brother/sister
  • losing that friend that i thought would always be there (because i know you’re making room for the right ones)
  • my paycheck that got direct deposited today

and things that you’re claiming for the future:

  • the new job
  • the new job that will increase my bank account
  • my family being stress-free
  • the right love

no matter what may have happened to me that day, i know that it all happened for a reason and that i have to be thankful for it happening and look at the positive side of things. sometimes it will get hard to see the positive side of everything all the time, i know, but you’ve gotta stick it through.

i’ve also learned that if you go ahead and put out the positive energy and/or positive thoughts towards what you want to happen, it’ll truly happen because you’ve put your energy toward it — just like if you think of a negative situation too much it’ll happen… it’s the exact same concept. so become thankful for the new job opportunities that will come flowing your way soon, be thankful for the love that will find you soon, and be thankful for being able to be stress-free.

so this is my challenge to you:

create a journal (or maybe a sticky note collage — you know i love my stickies) and start being thankful for all the little things in life, then watch how much your life changes. post pictures of you being thankful with the hashtag #gratitudechallenge and tag me (@lovekhaliyah on instagram & twitter) so I can see you all being grateful!