school, life, job, or friends stressing you out? here’s a few tips on how to relax, relate, and release the stress.

everyone gets stressed. there is no way to avoid it. some people handle their stress a lot better than others.

let me start off by being completely honest. just last week i was insanely stressed, myself. i had many papers, regular homework, and tests due; i had to practice my choreography for my dance performance cuts, go to dance practice, and go to work. all in all, my week is totally packed and it gets to me sometimes. so, i have come up with a way to relieve stress through, what should be, everyday activities.

sleep. it may not work for everyone, but it definitely helps me through my stress. i always take a nap before i eat dinner then go to dance practice. it helps me sleep away the stress from my classes and prepare for the intensity of dance. it also gives me a period of time when i can just relax. and relaxation is what i need. or just random naps throughout the day. whenever i can get sleep in, i do.

running/working out. now, this i don’t do, but maybe i need to because the freshman fifteen is REAL. my mom; however, finds working out to be a great stress reliever. she believes that if you’re mad about something, or even frustrated, what better way to get rid of that stress than to better your body by working out. for now all i do is go for walks.

listening to music. whether the music makes you feel powerful or the music puts you into your feelings; listening to music definitely helps you with your stressors. for me music definitely can take me out of this universe, maybe because i imagine myself in a music video, or i just connect with the lyrics and my mind just takes off.

talk to a friend/family member. for me talking about my issues to my best friend, jodi, and my family definitely helps me. they don’t really have to give me advice back, but just being able to rant helps me think. it definitely relieves my stress.

these are just a few of the ways that i relieve my stress and deal with them. occasionally; however, you may need to have a breakdown and cry. crying most of the time can help release pent up tension. if you do end up having a breakdown = just know that it’s okay to cry.