today, for the first time, i heard lil yachty’s ‘life goes on’ and i have never felt more inspired to write a blog post, ever. i feel like everyone needs to have this song on their playlist for when they’re feeling down about everything that’s going on around them.

listening to this song got me thinking about my life and i feel like everyone needs to know…

sometimes we get put into certain situations and go through things that put our minds, bodies, and spirits through tests. these things are only just things to help you understand and prepare you for the life you have always dreamed of. a life that you cannot begin to comprehend or fathom.

it’s kind of like going to practice for your team. practice is the worst, trust me… i know. you’re completely tired and drained and your coach just keeps pushing you, and yeah, it feels like hell. your coach keeps telling you to run it again so that it’s in you, engrained in your brain, in your body so that it becomes natural… almost like a reflex.

and that’s exactly what’s happening with this test you’re going through now.

but when it comes time for the real deal… when it’s game time… when it’s performance time… you’re more than ready.

just know life goes on.

your best friend switched up on you?

life goes on.

you might not want to think about it now (or admit it) but you’ll find another best friend who is ten times better. why you stressin’?

your significant other left you? yeah, you’re probably hurting now, but…

life goes on.

yeah, you thought they were the one and that you were going to get married, have three perfect kids, in the perfect house, with the perfect job but no; however, if you just stay down and get on your grind the perfect one will come along. and when they do you’ll know. why you stressin’?

you might be down at the moment, but stay down and you’ll be up soon. – lil yachty

and when you come up no one can hate on you… you can’t be bothered by what people have to say about you because you know where you once were and where you’re headed.

everything that is happening in your life now you’ll look back in a year and be completely appalled about why you were even stressed in the first place.

you’re sad right now but…

life goes on.

and when life goes on you’ll be faced with better times than what you’re going through now — and of course, there will be some worse times but that’s life,

and life goes on.

listen to ‘life goes on’ by lil yachty ft. cook laflare (warning explict lyrics)