As of lately, I have become completely obsessed with sticky notes, post-it notes, or whatever you want to call it. I have put them everywhere.

Currently in my room I am working on a collage on the wall behind my bed. I have been putting all different types of quotes up about spreading love, inspiration, motivational quotes, and bible verses.

My sticky note obsession is even spilling over into the lives of those around me; such as, I sticky noted one of my close friend’s car with all the dumb sayings and names that we call each other. On game day I leave motivational quotes on their door. My personal favorites from game day so far are:

“You are only as strong as He who gives you strength.”


“To give anything less than your best is a sacrifice of the gift.”

I would like to think that I am becoming a master at finding the perfect quote and STICKING IT YOU.

Other than nice little notes, sticky notes are great for leaving yourself (or others) reminders, great for bookmarks, or even for decoration. Lemme tell you, my walls were looking a little bare and dead before I decided to put sticky notes on the wall. What’s even greater is that the sticky notes do not tear up the paint — thank you Jesus! I am not trying to pay extra money because I chipped the paint on the walls, no ma’am! Now my goal is to get different shaped and colored stickies — other than the classic yellow ones — and even some cute colored sharpies to write with (but of course, nothing beats the classic black sharpie).

You should definitely get into sticky noting. If you happen to see a sticky note somewhere with a nice quote on it, it was probably me who put it there.

So what are you waiting for? Get to sticky noting!