*clears throat* there is no way we can cover up or erase the past, but we can take back our future. now, i know you’re probably like “well, khaliyah… how are we supposed to ‘get the power back?’ [insert rolling eye emoji here]. that’s what i’m here to tell you. there are going to be some VERY good nuggets i will leave in this post. please take what i’m saying and run with it… share it. tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your boss, tell EVERYONE.

first off, the police brutality murders have gone on for far too long, like hundreds of years TOO LONG. i’m quite fed up with all of it so here’s how i (and you, if you would like to join me) can bite them where it hurts.


learn your history. this is going to be hard to learn because america has white washed history and did not truly give you an exact reading of how everything has come to be in school. a very quick way to learn about your african history is through these amazing documentaries my mommy has put me on: hidden colors. there are four movies in this series and it is so interesting to see all that i don’t know about my history as a person of color.

these movies have historians, scholars, and social commentators that discuss facts about the real image of Christ, real people from Asia, great African empires, the presence of Africans in America before Columbus, and SO MUCH MORE. these movies hold *dj khaled voice* MAJOR KEYS. they don’t want you to know about your history!!!


if someone just up and left one day with your money… how would you feel about it? everyone is REAAAL stingy with their money. well be stingy with your money. invest in BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES like a local photography business in N. Carolina: DynamikWorks (also handles web design, audio, and videography), or a local N. Carolina car paint and body shop called The New Classic Paint and Body Shop. investing in people like you makes the black community flourish.

owners of small business are always feeling like they are getting left out of the money loop because no one takes the time to invest into their business and 9 times out of 10… they’ve got some good things going on! i love seeing people like me go after what they work so hard for. the best part is when it starts paying off for them.

so, if you start investing into black businesses then you’re investing in the people like you… stop spending your money in major big box stores that cheat you for your money anyway, buy from local growers and put more money back into your community. depend on your people! that’s the only way to take back what’s rightfully ours… by keeping our money.

put your money into black owned banks, find black owned eyebrow companies… ladies, and black owned nail salons; or even black owned hair companies and hair product companies. they’re out there.

a great way to find these places near you is using an app called WHEREU. this app was created by the black community for the black community. you can search for black owned businesses in your area and if you are a black business owner then you can post your business so others know about it! it’s a win-win situation here!!!

learn more | iPhone download | android download


now that you know some of the ways to be informed and make a change, let’s do it. marching isn’t going to always change the situation, it’s just going to give them a reason to go out and murder more people. be smart.

i’ll keep you updated with any new things i come across or ideas to keep the ball in our field because we’re getting murdered for just being black. DOING NOTHING and being black… so let’s build our businesses, our empires, our pyramids, and be grand before we become extinct like we’re animals.